Premenopause Priorities

The Change - 6 Powerful Steps

So here’s the thing.

To make [pre]menopause an easier ride, it’s time to move your emotional well-being up the ever-increasing long list of priorities (somewhere between getting a good nights sleep – very important for your sanity and eating a healthy diet – very, very important for preventing your body doubling in size during the hormonal big dipper) and treat frustration, irritability and grumpiness like your bestest best friends, with

Compassionate, Gentle Understanding


Because you will be hanging out with the FIG Team (frustration, irritability and grumpiness) a lot more often than your real female/male mates.


Get used to unexpected visits, long boring conversations and bad advice because these emotions (new best friends) will rudely interrupt you at some point day or night.

Having recognised that when I do the look (a cross between a perplexed puppy and Cruella De Vil’s evil eye), followed by a head tilt kinda thing. It’s usually because my irritability levels are skyrocketing into orbit, taking any rational reasons or kind thoughts with it.

Now (for me) this can happen without any warning and does not follow any particular pattern, making any pre planning or preparation impossible.

Before I know it, I’m thrown into a storm of conflicting emotions and just want to get out of everyone’s way and dive under the duvet before I erupt for no good reason.

Luckily for me (and others) I’ve not lost my head over three different hairdressers, on three different occasions in the space of 3 months making a complete mess of coloring my hair (just one of the reasons I decided to go it alone on my going gray journey). I have managed to keep calm during debates about Brexit and quietly walked away from negative environments and people.

Even, and this is a biggie………….disagreements with my husband Colin during the Andrew Marr Show have failed to break my run of good behavior during ‘crazy cat lady’ moments.

So far,

I’m proud of my self-control and for not letting my raging emotions get the better of me. For how long this will continue, I’m not at all sure. I’ve been way too close to the tipping point a few times in the last couple of months (hands up in the air, as I plead to the Gods, “please how much longer before this [pre]menopause thing is all over and done with).

Every day (not quite every day, it just feels that way) is like some sort of endurance test.

Each team mate turns up in all their glory with matching T-shirts to show solidarity, dig their heals in, fully prepared and ready to camp out for hours. Silently waiting to spill their guts on any unsuspecting passersby.

So what do I do?

I ignore them (with compassionate, gentle understanding intentions, of course).

In the hope that without any drama, they will get bored, pack up and leave!

And it works.

Adios, Ciao, bye, bye my friends.

I would much rather share a ride with joy, gratitude, love and peace.

Paying attention to what you WANT

means you have less or no time for the things you don’t want in life.

Useful resources  to help with identifying and managing [pre]menopause symptoms.



Care to share! we love to hear about your experiences.



14 thoughts on “Premenopause Priorities

  1. Fabulous.. Yes its much better to run with joy, gratitude, love and peace. Makes for a more harmonious life 😉 And as we get older.. Life is too short to bare a grudge.. 🙂

    Happy Easter Deborah. 🙂

  2. I try to fit in me time or take advantage of spur-of-the-moment opportunities to do so. Spending quiet time in the morning on weekends before everyone awakes has become a sanctuary for me.

  3. It’s so true that you need to find your joy during this period. I plan ahead and schedule in my daily treats: yoga, being outside, reading or even giving myself time to just be.

    1. Yes, I go for woodland walks and just be too and this definitely helps. I imagine Yoga would be fantastic for maintaining balance during pre menopause. I always had the best sleep following a yoga session, I wish I had kept up the practice but life got in the way. Happy Easter weekend Kim and thank you for stopping by

  4. Love this. All so true. And creative. I wish I could say it will end soon but I am 57 and have been having symptoms and weigh issues and unbelievably hot flashes for several years. Sigh but we are all different. Maybe you’ll be lucky and it will be short lived.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your experience. Learning from other women and how they deal with the varied symptoms helps me to make sense of it all. Some days are easier than others, I am so looking forward to the day I stop stressing over the ageing bit though

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