Just One More Night

It’s been every night for the last 5 nights.

Tossing and turning.

Quilt on, then off.

Burning in heat one minute and freezing my backside off the next.

I’m sleeping in just a vest top and knickers to feel more comfortable in bed.  Big nana knickers, because my humongous rear refuses to compromise anymore, its knickers two sizes bigger than I am and that’s that.


And then I lie awake terrified CB will be turned off by my spreading belly (which is strategically hidden under my oversized unglamorous underwear), thunder thighs and now even bigger pendulous breast.  There comes a point when large breast aren’t in the least bit attractive and mine have without question past that point months ago.


The lack of quality sleep really does interfere with my ability to maintain a balanced outlook on this whole [pre]menopause thingy.

Why is it just a woman thing anyway?…………..what I’m really asking here is, why not men?

To fully understand what were going through, our brothers, boyfriends, sons and husbands need to experience ‘the change’ too.

There’s a little part of me that feels jealous that men don’t have to deal with any of these

life changing experiences

Okay, I admit it I wish men were going through ‘the change’ and not us. Periods, pregnancy and birth is that not enough! No wonder our bodies cry out in protest………….oh no not again, pleeeeeeease.

As you can tell, the positive symptoms of [pre]menopause have bypassed me totally this week. Even my sense of humour has decided to put up a warning sign, BEWARE OF THE………. [crazy cat lady].

If things weren’t bad enough already, with irregular periods, sore breasts, weight gain, mood swings and memory loss. And now I can add sleep depravation to the long list of symptoms.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Maybe the temperature spikes during the night will take pity on me and give me a longer break between the waves of heat and chills.

Or better still, take the night off altogether.


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