Just One More Night

It’s been every night for the last 5 nights.

Tossing and turning.

Quilt on, then off.

Burning in heat one minute and freezing my backside off the next.

I’m sleeping in just a vest top and knickers to feel more comfortable in bed.  Big nana knickers, because my humongous rear refuses to compromise anymore, its knickers two sizes bigger than I am and that’s that.


And then I lie awake terrified CB will be turned off by my spreading belly (which is strategically hidden under my oversized unglamorous underwear), thunder thighs and now even bigger pendulous breast.  There comes a point when large breast aren’t in the least bit attractive and mine have without question past that point months ago.


The lack of quality sleep really does interfere with my ability to maintain a balanced outlook on this whole [pre]menopause thingy.

Why is it just a woman thing anyway?…………..what I’m really asking here is, why not men?

To fully understand what were going through, our brothers, boyfriends, sons and husbands need to experience ‘the change’ too.

There’s a little part of me that feels jealous that men don’t have to deal with any of these

life changing experiences

Okay, I admit it I wish men were going through ‘the change’ and not us. Periods, pregnancy and birth is that not enough! No wonder our bodies cry out in protest………….oh no not again, pleeeeeeease.

As you can tell, the positive symptoms of [pre]menopause have bypassed me totally this week. Even my sense of humour has decided to put up a warning sign, BEWARE OF THE………. [crazy cat lady].

If things weren’t bad enough already, with irregular periods, sore breasts, weight gain, mood swings and memory loss. And now I can add sleep depravation to the long list of symptoms.

Oh well, tomorrow is another day. Maybe the temperature spikes during the night will take pity on me and give me a longer break between the waves of heat and chills.

Or better still, take the night off altogether.


Please post your comment below.

Care to share! we love to hear about your experiences.


41 thoughts on “Just One More Night

  1. I’m still wondering what the good parts on menopause are. No periods – that is great I must admit but a small gain when compared to the hot flushes, weight gain and mood swings. I’m three years in and my hair and skin is crappier than ever and the other symptoms haven’t eased off any. I work in mental health and often wonder if I’m on the correct side of the counter.

  2. Hi. I saw you mentioned on Authentically 50’s site and stopped by to check out your posts. Found a good one and will keep looking at more. Just wanted to say hi and make a new connection. I’m on here too. -Jay

  3. I sympathise with you.. And feel for you especially if you are in this heat-wave experience right now.. I have had fan on beside the bed, drunk gallons of water.. 🙂 And caught up with sleep in cat power naps in the afternoon..
    Sending thoughts your way..
    Hugs Sue

  4. I keep Bottled water by my bedside. I’m single and my cat Sylvester does not care how my body looks. I’m open to having a relationship but realistically I know that may not happen at age 58.

  5. This made me think of that scene in “Bridget Jones’ Diary” and her ginormous undies. Love it! My body has also decided to hormonally rise up and revolt against me. I feel ya sister!

  6. Try accupunture. I do it once a month and it takes away my night sweats, hot flashes, and evens out my mood. It doesnt do anything for the weight gain but at least i can sleep and i’m not ripping anyone’s head off. 😉

    1. Acupuncture is definitely on my list of things to try before I run to the GP begging for help. I get the feeling my family are holding their breath from the sidelines. I’m sure they would prefer I was taking HRT or seeking medical help of some sort lol. So this week I have decided to have as little contact with the outside world as possible. Who needs to be confronted by a sleep deprived crazy cat lady?

  7. Yep, this is a difficult time no doubt about that. Night sweats, oh how I remember those. Awful! At least you can find some humour in it all, when it ain’t no laughing matter.

  8. I find that not only do men not understand but the majority of my female friends my age and older don’t understand either. Some of them went through a few hot flashes but very few have it quite as constant as I do. Those who did and have come out on the other side make me feel like there’s hope. But one lady who is a 70-year-old friend tells me she gets them still and it’s been 15 years. That’s pretty depressing. As far as how I cope, I freeze my husband to death. I always have the ceiling fan going and another fan on my dresser aim straight at me I pull covers on and off and on and off just like you. I wrote about this recently about how I’d like to change the change so if you haven’t already read that you might go get all the details that I put in that blog post. Also my family has given me giant fans to take around with me to wave the still air. One person in my writing class gave me a necklace with a fan attached. I use that in my writing class and wherever is feasible. I also sometimes stick my head in the freezer or stand over air vents.

    1. Your experience sounds a lot like mine, though I never had the fans at night for fear of upsetting my other half. Wish I had had the courage to have what I needed. My hot flushes/flashes/sweats lasted for all of 10 years. It was relentless and I felt drained a lot of the time. I hope your experience is over more quickly than mine.

    2. I bring up the subject of menopause all the time but I find most of my friends don’t want to discuss it. Yes it definitely helps knowing there’s an end to it and women do make it to the other side. I hope I’m not one of those who are still suffering in their 70’s. Could you post the link to that particular blog post so that I can read it. I may have read it already *cough* brain fog but rereading it again would be a pleasure. The thought of sticking my head in the freezer made me laugh out loud.

  9. Oh that sounds bad. I had it too for a while, but seeing an acupuncturist and naturopath helped. Also Melatonin to encourage sleep… Try and also walk every morning (helps keep metabolism working to prevent too much weight gain), and drink lots of water (apparently alcohol, sugar, coffee and chilli can make sweats worse). Being tired sucks! G

    1. I will look into the acupuncturist and a naturopath…..I will try anything. Funny you should mention drinking more water, just by accident I drank a big glass of water before I went to bed and had a far better sleep. I will be trying that again tonight, hopefully it wasn’t just a one off.

      1. My hubby would be a dead man walking if he did that!
        I now sleep in the buff and keep a sports towel beside the bed to mop up the small pond that develops between my boobs!
        I find that acupuncture and tincture of sage keeps the sweats more manageable. Instead of waking my every hour, I last till around 5:30am.
        The disturbed nights are a bit like having a baby in the house again!!

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