What I Love To Do



a very warm welcome to my kind of craziness.  This space is just me trying to make sense of life as a 50 something menopausal woman.

First and foremost I love to spend time with my family, daughter Kristie (33), son Craig (31)


and three beautiful grandchildren, Kyana (a soon to be 12 year old, maturing into a young woman with a huge heart), Rhianah (a 10 year dancing queen who acts double her age) and Coben (our 6 year old superstar).  We meet up for a week every year to celebrate the fat mans birthday, annoy each other and play silly games while eating our combined body weight in food.  We do lots of other things too but Christmas is a family favourite.

“Being a Nana is the highest paid job, since the payment is pure love”

My biggest cheerleader in life is CB (cuddly bear, otherwise known as hubby) or he was until the gray-haired, cat-loving renagade showed up.  During the Summer we love cycling through the countryside trying our best to avoid wandering livestock and pot holes – racing sheep can be entertaining.  Falling off a bike, not so funny.

“Cycling is like life with the volume turned up” – CI

I love to share the tales and adventures of a crazy cat lady, learn from others how to be better than I was yesterday and read books that help me to understand the truth of who I am and the world we live in.  I also love to indulge in creating anything that expands my heart.

“We are who we say we are, not who others think we are” – DC

When I’m not spending time with family and friends or creating life from the inside out, I volunteer as a heart-centered practitioner to support women approaching The Change and use my photography skills to create Wall hART  for families who decorate their homes with images of the people they love.

Peace, love & light


PS. life’s about connections, so lets make them here with a comment below to share one thing you love to do and a link to one person who has inspired  you. 

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53 thoughts on “What I Love To Do

  1. Hi Deborah. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am also a menopausal woman, 56 years old, but have been on Progesterone for years which has helped tremendously! I don’t have trouble with the symptoms anymore really, and am hoping I might be all the way through it by now! 🙂 I am going to look around on your posts now!

      1. I went into peri-menopause at about age 42 and it wasn’t too bad. I had my kids at ages 36 and 38! So it got worse just as my daughter began her adolescence! THAT was real fun. Crazy times. And yes, this too shall pass!!

  2. Hello,
    Well said, Hard work, Dedication, Honesty to provide best and real information to readers, Interest in work are the keys of success. Great read. keep sharing.

  3. This was fun to read! Family is the best, isn’t it! Spending time with family and friends is my biggest love, writing and reading comes in 2nd. Working on writing a children’s book right now, about finished and so excited!
    I also love to travel. My husband and I keep saying when we retire we are going to travel the world. At least we like to have that dream that our money will take us further then our backyard. LOL!

      1. You are welcome and its been fun getting to know you as well.
        Italy has been our favorite place to travel to so far. Would go again in a heartbeat!

  4. Hey there! Just thought I’d stop by and say hello. I love to write! Doesn’t matter what or how (it seems 🙂 ) just that I’m writing all the time. I think it bleeds the stress out of my brain, down my arm, into my hand, and out through whatever medium I’m using. Thank goodness, or I’d be a nut job by now! Seekers definitely inspire me!

    1. Thank you for stopping by and sharing what you love to do – writing certainly helps to make sense of the changes we experience at this time of life. I agree the courage & boldness of seekers are an inspiration. Premenopause has stirred my spiritual side but somedays I feel more like the wounded wanderer than aspiring seeker.

  5. Thank you for the attention! Especially since it led me to your blog! 🙂 A wonderful blog it is. You have a great family. And cycling! Ah, that’s something I love to do but difficult here in “no place to cycle” Alabama. BUT, I do enjoy two walks a day with our black lab Cody. My dear wife, Sadako, is still a wage-earner…poor baby. While I’m retired and happy, so I get to walk with the dog..which is an absolute joy, except for having to pick up litter…but that’s okay. because the road looks better! hah! At any rate, you have a fascinating blog here and I’m glad to have met you! Thanks again. I look forward to your. posts. 🙂

    1. Hello Paul from Alabama, Autumn is my favourite season too. Good to hear you’re enjoying the lifestyle of retirement with Cody and thank you for your kind comments. I couldn’t find a link to your blog though.

  6. I love spending time with my family too. My guy and I go for long walks together in Boston as well as small NE towns. I write a LOT every day, publish books (just published a children’s picture book!) and spend time with my young grandkids. In fact, next week I’m going to read my new book at their elementary school. 🙂 See? There IS life on the ‘other side.’

  7. Hello Deborah, it’s lovely to meet you and your family. I so look forward to reading more of your posts. I have passed the horrors of “the change” (I know it isn’t horrid for everyone), but will be interested to read how others view it.

  8. Oh Deborah I completely love this post! So good to learn more about you and your family. 🙂 What you do with your photography sounds like a gift.

    One thing I like to do is RUN (I’m a pretty avid runner). It helps me let go of the old and come present to the beauty inside and around me. Thank you.

    As far as a website that inspires me, right now I’m going with yours.

      1. Nice to connect with you again too Deborah! Have a wonderful Easter ❤ I just ran today. It was really good … helped me come present, you know? Anyway, blessings !! Debbie

  9. Nice family, smiling faces, great enjoy them while you can, the days go far too fast, before you know it they are all grown up and have a life of their own. Cheers!

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